Board of Directors

The Emmaus Institute for Biblical Studies is governed by an independent Board of Directors comprising ex-officio and appointed directors. Appointed directors are chosen from lay parishioners, religious, and clergy from the Diocese of Lincoln who are are educationally oriented and who exhibit a passion for Christ, his Church, its mission, and the Sacred Scriptures. The Board takes an active ownership in the Institute’s vision, mission, core values, strategies, and goals as it oversees the management of its affairs and the execution of its mission.

Msgr. Timothy Thorburn

Msgr. Timothy Thorburn (began term in 2019)

Msgr. Timothy Thorburn serves as Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Lincoln. He considers it a privilege to have served on the Board of Emmaus since its founding. In that time, Monsignor has watched it grow from an idea to a vision to a reality that has developed and matured. Emmaus has proven to be a sustainable asset to the Church in Lincoln by faithfully and joyfully opening the minds and hearts of Catholics to a deeper understanding of the Word of God. Emmaus serves especially by drawing its students into a deeper conversion to Jesus Christ by opening the Word to them by means of the best scholarship and always through the eyes of the Church.

John Greving

John Greving (began term in 2021)

John moved to Lincoln from St. Paul, Minnesota thirteen years ago to be Vice President for Advancement at Nebraska Wesleyan University. He is a member of Saint Joseph Parish and the Lincoln Serra Club. He joined the Emmaus Board in 2021. Being new to Lincoln he searched for ways he could actively grow in his faith. Over the years, John realized that Catholic faith formation is dependent upon tasks such as praying, learning, serving, receiving, and attending. The Emmaus Institute informs all such tasks. Emmaus classes and seminars provide the truths that underscore tasks which deepen one’s relationship with Christ. John’s involvement with the Emmaus Institute has enlightened and enlivened his daily commitment to the faith, and it is energizing. He sees his financial support of the Emmaus Institute is an investment in the long-term vitality of the Church, community, and world.

Jim Wathen

Jim Wathen (began term in 2023)

Jim is a member of St. Peter Parish in Lincoln. Now a retired professional engineer, he served in a long career in civil engineering and construction management. Jim joined the Board of Directors in the middle of 2023. He believes that our Catholic faith begins with knowing that God loves each of us unconditionally. Then we enrich our life when we begin to know Him, love Him in return, and plan to be with Him in Heaven. Emmaus provides the spiritual nourishment to make this faith come alive! As Jim reflects on the content of courses that he has taken, he senses a new appreciation of the Bible, especially the Old Testament. Jim wants others to have the eye-opening experience of knowing God more personally, seeing the Mass readings come alive, and encountering Him more personally which brings us all to a deeper conversion.

Sr. Mary Gabriel, C.K.

Sr. Mary Gabriel, C.K. (began term in 2023)

Sister Mary Gabriel is a member of the Religious Community of the School Sisters of Christ the King. She currently works in curriculum development and teacher formation for the Diocese of Lincoln Catholic Schools. This is her second year serving as a board member. From its beginning, the Emmaus Institute has offered the gift of Scriptural exegesis to the religious in the diocese. The Sisters are so grateful for the retreats, classes, and conferences. A deeper knowledge of the richness of Sacred Scripture deepens their love for Christ and His word. As teachers they are in a privileged place to share this with their students.

Jeff Schinstock

Jeff Schinstock (began term in 2024)

Jeff Schinstock is the Director of Religious Education and the Pro-Life Director for the Diocese of Lincoln. He, his wife Sarah, and their seven children attend St. Teresa Parish in Lincoln. He is grateful to join the Board of Directors of the Emmaus Institute. Having an incredibly skilled team versed in accompanying the faithful through the Scriptures is such a gift. They have already equipped so many to open new channels to a deeper relationship with God. He looks forward to working with Emmaus to discern God’s will in preparing for an abundant harvest.