Emmaus PAC

1. Vision for the Committee

1.1. Vision Statement

The Emmaus Institute for Biblical Studies exists to lead God’s people into deeper conversion through a life-giving encounter with God in his Word. In full docility to the will of Jesus Christ and the direction of the Catholic Bishop of Lincoln, Emmaus seeks faithful, like-minded individuals from surrounding parishes to aid in the necessary labors to fulfill this mission. To accomplish this, the Parish Ambassador Committee (PAC) will work under the direction of the faculty and staff of Emmaus to be commissioned representatives and ambassadors in the parishes, diocese, apostolates, and personal communities of its members. The primary mission of the PAC will be to represent and promote the Emmaus Institute and its various formation offerings and opportunities to the people of the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln. Although the general mission of Emmaus is not restricted to the church(es) of its home diocese, it is the desire of Emmaus to have its most significant impact on the men and women who share the same geographical diocese. Therefore, when or if the PAC is established in its goal of diocesan representation, it could, with proper discernment, accept members from beyond the Diocese of Lincoln.


2. Responsibilities of PAC Members

2.1. Becoming a PAC Member

An individual or couple may apply or be invited to apply to become a member at any time (see Appendix). Membership on the committee is confirmed upon reception and approval of the Emmaus Institute PAC leadership.

2.2. Term of PAC Membership PAC members are asked to serve for one calendar year, renewable by the member’s desire and approval of the PAC leadership. All requests and responsibilities of members are to be made within the time of their commitment, not before or after, unless it is otherwise agreed upon (or with the knowledge of a forthcoming renewing membership).

2.3. Requirements of PAC Members: PAC members are asked to fulfill the following responsibilities within their membership term, as directed by committee leadership/Emmaus staff:

• In-person attendance at the annual PAC meeting (Lincoln, NE) • A minimum of two Mass announcements at the member’s home parish

• See promotional announcements through to their proper places: bulletin boards, church bulletins, newsletters, public announcements, parish websites

• Ten in-person invitations to attend an Emmaus event and up to one hour of follow up phone calls for annual appeals (negotiable)

• Serve as the contact or point person for all Emmaus-parish communications

• Work with the pastor and/or secretary on all the details of planning, scheduling, and promotion

• Assist (or recruit assistants) in setup for Emmaus classes, seminars, and other events to be held within the parish

*All of these remain flexible and rely on healthy communication between PAC members, Emmaus staff, and pastors. The Emmaus Institute will never ask members to complete a task that would be disagreeable to his or her pastor (or the relevant organizational authorities).

2.4. Benefits of PAC Membership In addition to the deep gratitude and prayers of the Emmaus staff, each PAC member receives free admission to all Emmaus events, including online courses, that occur within the term of his or her membership.


3. Annual Orientation Workshop for PAC Members The PAC will meet annually with The Emmaus Institute faculty and staff for a half day of reflection and strategizing.

The event will consist in:

• Time for adoration and prayer (possibly Mass)

• A short inspiration/reflection on the mission of Emmaus

• Provided food and refreshments

• Updates, discussion questions, and strategies for the year ahead

• Conclusion

Apply to become an Emmaus PAC member