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The Vision

The Emmaus Institute exists to lead God’s people into deeper conversion through a life-giving encounter with God in his Word. From teachers and catechists, to priests and religious, to lay faithful everywhere, Emmaus is a resource for learning to meet Jesus the Word in his words.

Creation to New Creation: Journey Through Scripture from Genesis to Revelation is a three-year program that incorporates and builds on two specially designed courses in Bible Introduction (what it is and how we got it) and Interpretation (what it says and how to read it), and six courses in Bible Exposition, featuring a serious but lively consideration of all 73 canonical books. Under the motto “Reading Scripture, Hearing God,” particular attention is given to the ways God speaks and reveals himself in Christ from every inspired book. The focus of this program from start to finish is on hearing and responding to God’s voice. Students who have completed the program testify to its faith-building, life-transforming, and worship-inspiring impact.

The Program

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Year One:

Year Two:

Year Three:

*Fall and Spring Quarter courses are 10 sessions each. Winter Interterm courses are 5 sessions. 

Cohorts: Learning in Community

Our Creation to New Creation certificate program is designed to aid individuals in encountering God through his Word in a like-minded community. Therefore, we offer three tracks, or cohorts, through which you may complete your certificate journey: one track for priests and catechists; one track for Catholic school/CCD teachers and administrators; and one track for lay men and women (the Missionary Disciple cohort) who desire to learn and to bless their families, parishes, and communities. Learning in a cohort setting allows students to synthesize and discuss course materials in ways that are best suited to their specific vocations and environments. 

Cohort A: Priests and Catechists (currently offered on Tuesdays)

Cohort B: Teachers and Administrators (coming soon)

Cohort C: Missionary Disciples (currently offered on Mondays)


1.  Who is this program for?

Everyone! Although it serves as a unique resource for those in teaching or formation ministries, it also equips lay individuals to be effective leaders and missionary disciples within their faith communities.

2.  How much does the program cost?

One of our primary goals is affordability. A ten-week course is $250 ($200 for religious/clergy) and includes extensive handouts with each class session. In-person students will also have access to the videos for every class, in the event you need to be absent for any reason. If price is an issue at all, please contact us. We want you to have access to this material, this training, and the blessed community which forms around it!

3. Do I have to wait for a cohort track to start over before joining?

No! You can join in the program at anytime. Although there can be a benefit to beginning with either Genesis or Matthew, the certification does not require courses to be taken in a specific sequence. You can also take the online sections of these courses at your own pace and sequence. 

4. I was never a natural in the classroom. Will there be assignments or tests?

Don’t fret. There are no graded tests or assignments in this program. There will be plenty of recommended reading, and there will be opportunities for writing short reflections here and there on a given topic, but these are only to aid your understanding of the material, and they are not required.

5.  Can I complete this program online?

Yes! All Creation to New Creation courses are online. You can even take them outside of their given term. Distance students can expect opportunities for online discussion and interactive sessions with the instructors and other online participants.


Student who wish to advance their studies have two unique opportunities upon completion of their Creation to New Creation certificate. Please read the following items carefully:

(1) Through an ongoing collaboration with the University of Mary (Bismarck, ND), completion of our Creation to New Creation certificate track can be applied as transfer credit (up to 9 credit hours) toward an M.A. in Applied Catholic Theology. Please contact your instructor or email us if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

(2) Within three (3) years of the completion of the Emmaus Institute Creation to New Creation certificate program and acceptance to the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology, students will be eligible to be granted three (3) credits upon the successful completion of the Prior Learning Assessment (credits granted SCRP 501: Salvation History). Please contact your instructor or email us if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity and to receive the referenced assessment form. 


“I encourage and challenge the Catholic faithful of the Lincoln Dioceseto grow deeper in their faith
through the numerous learning opportunities at the Emmaus Institute for Biblical Studies.
I particularly encourage priests to send teachers and other ministry leaders from their parishes to study at Emmaus
in order to become more fully equipped to be effective missionary disciples and ambassadors of the Gospel in their parishes and schools.”

—The Most Reverend James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln

“The Emmaus Institute, I am convinced, has come to the Kingdom for a time such as this.
Please consider not just supporting The Emmaus Institute, but learning from it and telling others about it.”

—Dr. Scott Hahn, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology