EMMAUS SUMMER BOOK CLUB: The Religion of the Day

Chad Steiner
Chad Steiner
EMMAUS SUMMER BOOK CLUB: <em>The Religion of the Day</em>

Two summers ago, we gathered across Lincoln (with several joining via Zoom from farther away) to read and discuss the then-ground-breaking book from the University of Mary, From Christendom to Apostolic Mission: Pastoral Strategies for an Apostolic Age. In that book, the authors explained various ways the Church’s ‘mode of being’ in the world can be seen to have changed radically over time, from an initial ‘Apostolic’ paradigm (in the early days of the Church) to a ‘Christendom’ paradigm (in the fourth and following centuries, leading to the present). As the American theologian Stanley Hauerwas has provocatively explained in numerous settings:

In Christendom, it took faith to be a nonchristian, because the wider world had largely adopted the Church’s position that God was in control of history. In the apostolic era, Christians had to take it on faith that God was in control of history, because the wider world was beating the hell out of the Church.

Along with Hauerwas, the authors of From Christendom agree that the Church’s long season in Christendom has run its course, and that we are re-entering an apostolic mode. And they suggested numerous ways to approach this unavoidable sea change.

Just last year, the same authors published a sequel to From Christendom called The Religion of the Day, in which they look more closely than they did in the first book at the continued “drift” of the world, and the way that drift accelerates the Church’s need to shift modes, from “business as usual” (Christendom) to reimagined and reinvigorated evangelism (Apostolic). By helping us to understand some of the crucial details about the nature of the world’s condition, and why it has gotten to where it is, and how, the authors provide powerful suggestions for Christians pondering the knotted dynamics of parenting, work, political involvement, relational health, mental health, and ministry.

Let’s read it together! Come join us in one of the following two sections to ponder these things with us!

This Section Meets:

  • Thursdays, 8:00-9:00pm at the Telegraph Mill (outside on the patio if it’s nice)

Best way to get the book is to support the Broxes and their amazing team at our local Catholic Book Store!

Here’s a break-out of our reading schedule:

June 13 – Introduction and Chapter I: The Religion of the Day (pp. 1-20)
June 20 – Chapter II: Twelve Aspects of Modern Progressive Religion, part 1 (pp. 21-35, §§ 1-8)
June 27 – Chapter II Twelve Aspects of Modern Progressive Religion, part 2 (pp. 35-52, §§ 9-12)
July 11 – Chapter III: Some Further Notes on Progressive, Neo-Gnostic Religion (pp. 53-66)
July 18 – Chapter IV: Catching All the Diseases of the World, part 1 (pp. 67-80, §§ 1-5)
July 25 – Chapter IV: Catching All the Diseases of the World, part 2 (pp. 80-94, §§ 6-7)
August 1 – Chapter V: Fighting the Battle Inside the Church (pp. 95-116)
August 8 – Chapter VI: The Winning Stance and Conclusion: The kingdom, the Tribulation, and the Patient Endurance (pp. 117-132)

This section is now full. But please buy the book anyway, read along with us, and feel welcomed to participate with your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!

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