‘Eucharist’ as a Theme Throughout Sacred Scripture

Chad Steiner
Chad Steiner
<em>‘Eucharist’</em> as a Theme Throughout Sacred Scripture

In this free five-week course, we’ll explore a whole-Bible treatment of the Eucharist—sometimes called (Holy) Communion; a common and central practice throughout Christianity. In the Catholic Church, it is often described as the source and summit of our faith, and the ‘real presence’ of Christ in our midst. Although the story of Christ’s institution of the Eucharist is read in the New Testament, we will find that the Old Testament already presents the Eucharist as a major theological theme long before Jesus takes the bread, gives thanks, and breaks it. So in this course, our aim will be to investigate this theme by looking together at various passages in both the Old and New Testaments that fill up full the significance of the Eucharist as a mystery which bears witness to the reality of the God of the universe who becomes present in our midst.

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