Just Catholic: St. Paul on Justification and Life in Christ

Just Catholic: St. Paul on Justification and Life in Christ

Join us for an Emmaus Institute seminar on how St. Paul addresses the issue of justification and life in Christ, featuring guest speaker Dr. James Prothro. 

  • Our morning will begin with Mass at Saint Michael Church in south Lincoln, at 8:15am;
  • Light breakfast refreshments will be catered at 8:45;
  • Father Borowiak, pastor of Saint Michael, will open our seminar at 9:00;
  • Emmaus Institute president, Dr. Vern Steiner, will set up the morning’s topic and its importance, with an eye on some of the “perennial questions” concerning the theme of justification and its different interpretations in Catholic and non-Catholic settings. 

Our keynote speaker, Dr. James Prothro, will give a lecture focused on the heart of St. Paul’s conception of justification, specifically in Romans, bringing theological clarity to Paul’s teaching and the trajectory of its application in Christian life and service. 

  • Following a brief hiatus to refill our coffees (11:00-11:10), our panel discussion will propose additional talking points in connection with what Dr. Prothro presents;
  • Q&A will then be opened for the general audience.

Please register early. Space is limited!

Dr. Prothro is an associate professor of Theology and Sacred Scripture at the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology and director of the MA Biblical Studies program. He has taught a wide range of topics, especially in the New Testament, and holds degrees in biblical languages, classical Greek and Latin, and theology. He began teaching at the Augustine Institute in 2020. Most of his academic work focuses on the letters and thought of the Apostle Paul and on Koine (biblical) Greek, in which St. Paul wrote. Dr. Prothro is also engaged in thinking and writing about the doctrine of biblical inspiration and how it helps us understand what the Bible is and how to read it for all its worth. He recently completed his third book on the Apostle Paul and is currently writing a biblical-theological study of penance and reconciliation.

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