Opening the Scriptures: Lent-Easter Video Series

Opening the Scriptures: Lent-Easter Video Series

Welcome to Opening the Scriptures, a supplemental video series to the Lenten-Easter study, Jesus I Want to See (2023) written by Grace Raun and Sara Racicot. This study was piloted at St. Joseph Catholic Parish in Lincoln, NE. Although this video series is best enjoyed as a companion to the study guide, it can still be watched independently and all are welcome to follow along. Each week centers on a specific theme, drawn from selected Scripture passages of Holy Week and Easter, through which participants ask for the grace to see and encounter Jesus through this lens. Along with the meditation prompts provided in the study guide, each week is accompanied by a video by Emmaus instructor, Joshua Burks, which elaborates upon that week’s theme by exploring related passages from the Old and New Testaments and how they reveal our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

As you walk through the video series below, the accompanying Scripture passage of that week will be linked for you to follow along. Thank you for joining us in Opening the Scriptures!

Click here for access to the study guide for Jesus I Want to See.

Introduction (Ash Wednesday): Jesus, I Want to See

Scripture Passage: The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus, Mark 10:46-52

Opening the Scriptures: Introduction (Ash Wednesday)

First Week of Lent: Jesus, Bread of Life

Scripture Passage: The Last Supper, Mark 14:22-24

Opening the Scriptures: Week 1 (Bread of Life)

Second Week of Lent: Jesus, Comforter

Scripture Passage: The Agony in the Garden, Luke 22:39-46

Opening the Scriptures: Week 2 (Comforter)

Third Week of Lent: Jesus, King of Heaven

Scripture Passage: The Trial before Pilate, John 18:33–19:16

Opening the Scriptures: Week 3 (King of Heaven)

Fourth Week of Lent: Jesus, Champion

Scripture Passage: The Way of the Cross, Luke 23:26-32

Opening the Scriptures: Week 4 (Champion)

Fifth Week of Lent: Jesus, Son of God

Scripture Passage: The Crucifixion of Jesus, John 19:23-30

Opening the Scriptures: Week 5 (Son of God)

Sixth Week of Lent (Holy Week): Jesus, Lamb of God

Scripture Passage: The Blood and Water, John 19:31-37

Opening the Scriptures: Week 6 (Lamb of God)

First Week of Easter (Easter Octave): Jesus, the Resurrection

Scripture Passage: Appearance to the Disciples, John 20:19-23

Opening the Scriptures: Week 7 (Resurrection)

Second Week of Easter (Divine Mercy): Jesus, Merciful Savior

Scripture Passage: The Appearance on the Road to Emmaus, Luke 24:13-35

Opening the Scriptures: Week 8 (Merciful Savior)