COVID-19 (COrona VIrus Disease - 2019) Update

Dear Emmaus Community,

After much consideration as a board and staff, and given the most recent decisions and wisdom flowing from the diocesan offices, we have decided on the following course of action:

1. We are suspending all in-classroom sessions this week and next. Please do not show up for any classes from now through March 26.

2. The Emmaus instructors will audio-record all class lectures for this week (March 16-19), and will upload these recordings with the handout notes to a Google Drop Box either on the day of or the day following your scheduled class. We will then send a private link with instructions to your personal email whereby you may access the PDF handouts and audio files. Please feel free to download both, and to print the notes for use alongside the recorded lectures. We ask that you refrain from distributing either the notes or the recordings to non-class individuals, as they are not intended for public use.

3. We will monitor the situation week by week, making the wisest decisions we are able to make in consideration of all the factors available to us. Please check back here for weekly updates.

As always, we continue to feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for each of you, and for this strategic and vital ministry to which God has called us. Please continue to pray for us, and be assured of our ongoing prayers for you. We hope to see you back in class soon.

May God’s protective mercy be upon all our families and loved ones, and upon the whole world.

For the board and staff, I am:

Warmly yours in the peace of Christ,

Vern Steiner