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The Journey Home

Dr. Vern and Chad Steiner were featured on The Journey Home hosted by Marcus Grodi, a production of The Coming Home Network International, as seen on EWTN. View the show page here or watch the video below as they share their conversion journey from Evangelical Protestantism into the Catholic Church. 

Father and son duo Vern and Chad Steiner share their journey from evangelical Protestantism to the Catholic Church. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.

The Coming Home Network Presents: A Protestant Bible Scholar Discovers Catholicism – Episode 9

Matt Swaim talks to Dr. Vern Steiner, who was a Protestant pastor, seminary professor and Biblical scholar, about the value of his Protestant formation in Scripture, as well as its limits, and what led him to enter the Catholic Church and create a Catholic Bible Institute to continue his work in exegesis and Biblical scholarship. See the show page here or watch the video below. 

“Is Scripture Still Relevant Today?” An Interview with Vern Steiner, The Emmaus Institute (Fiat Career Coaching, LLC)

“We all experience moments of anxiety, fear and confusion, however it doesn’t have to end there. What if I told you that text written over 2,000 years ago has relevance for your life and the particular situation you’re in today? Are you joyful? Well, there’s a Psalm for you. Are you lost? Well, there’s a Proverb for you. Are you in need of comfort and healing? There’s an encounter with the One who loves you, waiting to happen. So, grab a cup of coffee and join Vern and I as we unpack how the Bible is still relevant today. To learn more about the Emmaus Institute for Biblical Studies click here: https://www.emmausinstitute.net/. To connect with Valentina click here: fiatcareercoaching.com.”

Catholic Perspectives on the Reformation - 3. Dogmatic

Vern Steiner, considers the Reformation from the lens of doctrines that unite and divide Protestants and Catholics at the 2017 Catholic Coffee House.

Catholic Perspectives on the Reformation - 5. Ecumenical

Chad Steiner and Jake Mousel, both converts to the Catholic faith, offer their unique insights regarding the Catholic Church’s call to work toward Christian unity.

What Scripture and Tradition Say About Halloween, Souls, and the Dead (FOCUS Alumni)

This talk comes from a FOCUS Alumni webinar of the same title on Monday October 30, 2023.